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Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Homebrew Reading

I'm looking for suggestions on good sources of information for homebrewers of all abilities.
I just ran across the BeerSmith blog that has some excellent info on all aspects of brewing. From growing hops & mashing methods, to the Burton Union Blow-off.
I know, I'd never heard of it either, even though I have done a version of it. I can now amaze other homebrewers with the depth of my knowledge when I tell them I use the Burton Union Blow-off instead of telling them I stick a hose in the top of my carboy.
I've put a link to the right side of this page for the BeerSmith blog, go take a look.
If you have any web sites or blogs you follow, let me know and I can add them here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

The 2nd annual HCHBC Halloween party was another grand success. It was a clear cool evening at Sean and Stacy's lovely home. After a questionable day of rain, the sky cleared up, the sun shone brightly before setting and the stars came out. And then the temperature began to drop. We were all quite thankful that Sean was able to get his fire going after a shaky start with some damp wood.

Costumes were back this year in response to last year's chiding by Larry & Susie about coming to a Halloween party and not wearing a costume. Interestingly enough, none of the 5 from last year wore a costume this year. This year we had Elwood Blues, Michael Vick, a barbarian and his victim, some white trash and I think I even saw a mime.

There were many interesting discussions throughout the night. We learned all about Jon's quasi-portable kegerator/workbench. And we had a lively discussion on whether or not an entire jar of whole cloves in a 5 gallon pumpkin ale might be just a tad too much. This last discussion was done while having a couple of nice spiced ales from Jeff and Mike & Jason. Jeff said he added his spices at the last minute of the boil. Mike said they put 2 tsps. of cloves in for 30 minutes and it came out very clovey. So an entire can for the full 60 minute boil might be a bit extreme. We then went into a discussion on what to do to prevent a potential clove overdose from a single glass of pumpkin flavored clove beer.

All in all, a good time was had by all. There was plenty of good food, beer and camaraderie. We will all look forward to next year's Halloween party.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Howard County Homebrew Club's next big step

This could be the next step for the club. It has been talked about getting a web presence before with little response, only one attempt with little to no support. So here's another chance to get the ball rolling. From this blog, we can report to all on the activities we have, share photos and allow responses and comments.

I have put up the post on the Broadripple Brewpub's tapping of Susie's Sweet Stout on the 17th to give an idea of what can be done.

It could become a useful tool along side the message board.

I got the idea from Bob Osterand who writes the blog for Indiana Beer who I met at the tapping. He reports on the beer events he attends around Indiana.

We can also link to other blog feeds of interest to the club, and maybe have some link back to us.

Do you think this is something we would like to keep and develope? Leave your comments.

Larry's Big Day

It was a record for the Broadripple Brewpub for the tapping of a Best of Show beer! As best as we could count, 48 people attended the event. Coming from as far as Wisconsin to help Larry & Susie celebrate the tapping of Susie's Sweet Stout, this year's Best of Show award winning beer from the Indiana's Brewers Cup.
As the first pint was pulled from one of the brewpub's two beer engines, a steady stream of people began to arrive. Kevin, the head brewer of the Broadripple Brewpub, provided a complimentary pint to everyone to kick off the festivities and then brought out a fine assortment of munchies for the growing throng.
The biggest surprise of the day was when Susie's brother Rick, his wife and two of their friends walked in after making the drive from Waterford, WI. that morning.
In addition to the Wisconsin group, 4 members of the Howard Co. Homebrew Club, 3 past co-workers (including Nick their boss), 2 Break Away Bicycle Club members, the majority of the Barnhart Barista & Group Therapy and several Indiana Beer dignitaries were in attendance.
The stout brewed by Kevin & Larry turned out fantastic, especially when served through the beer engine. It gave the beer a smooth creamy quality that can't be duplicated with the traditional method of serving with just CO2.
Thanks to all who came out to make this one of the high points of the year for me. I was surprised by the turnout and hope you enjoyed the beer and had a good time. Thanks to Kevin and the Broadripple Brewpub for providing this experience and for those of you who couldn't be there, I highly recommend you get to the Broadripple Brewpub and have a Susie's Sweet Stout before its all gone! I know quite a bit of it disappeared yesterday.

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