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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

The 2nd annual HCHBC Halloween party was another grand success. It was a clear cool evening at Sean and Stacy's lovely home. After a questionable day of rain, the sky cleared up, the sun shone brightly before setting and the stars came out. And then the temperature began to drop. We were all quite thankful that Sean was able to get his fire going after a shaky start with some damp wood.

Costumes were back this year in response to last year's chiding by Larry & Susie about coming to a Halloween party and not wearing a costume. Interestingly enough, none of the 5 from last year wore a costume this year. This year we had Elwood Blues, Michael Vick, a barbarian and his victim, some white trash and I think I even saw a mime.

There were many interesting discussions throughout the night. We learned all about Jon's quasi-portable kegerator/workbench. And we had a lively discussion on whether or not an entire jar of whole cloves in a 5 gallon pumpkin ale might be just a tad too much. This last discussion was done while having a couple of nice spiced ales from Jeff and Mike & Jason. Jeff said he added his spices at the last minute of the boil. Mike said they put 2 tsps. of cloves in for 30 minutes and it came out very clovey. So an entire can for the full 60 minute boil might be a bit extreme. We then went into a discussion on what to do to prevent a potential clove overdose from a single glass of pumpkin flavored clove beer.

All in all, a good time was had by all. There was plenty of good food, beer and camaraderie. We will all look forward to next year's Halloween party.

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