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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Howard County Homebrew Club's next big step

This could be the next step for the club. It has been talked about getting a web presence before with little response, only one attempt with little to no support. So here's another chance to get the ball rolling. From this blog, we can report to all on the activities we have, share photos and allow responses and comments.

I have put up the post on the Broadripple Brewpub's tapping of Susie's Sweet Stout on the 17th to give an idea of what can be done.

It could become a useful tool along side the message board.

I got the idea from Bob Osterand who writes the blog for Indiana Beer who I met at the tapping. He reports on the beer events he attends around Indiana.

We can also link to other blog feeds of interest to the club, and maybe have some link back to us.

Do you think this is something we would like to keep and develope? Leave your comments.

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