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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Theoretical Malt Yields

Here is some information on typical barley malt theoretical yields that I found at John Palmer's web site. He had listed these as maximum yields. In this case maximum = theoretical.

Typical Malt Yields in Points/Pound/Gallon

Malt Type Theoretical Yield

2 Row Lager Malt 37
6 Row Base Malt 35
2 Row Pale Ale Malt 38
Biscuit/Victory Malt 35
Vienna Malt 35
Munich Malt 35
Brown Malt 32
Dextrin Malt 32
Light Crystal (10 - 15L)35
Pale Crystal (25 - 40L) 34
Medium Crystal (60 - 75L)34
Dark Crystal (120L) 33
Special B 31
Chocolate Malt 28
Roast Barley 25
Black Patent Malt 25
Wheat Malt 37
Rye Malt 29


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