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Monday, December 21, 2009

Brewing Firsts

Brew Saturday 12/19/09

After a morning of running errands a quick lunch with the kids it was off to the garage to brew my IPA. This is my second attempt at extract brewing without a kit. While the grains were steeping I racked my Honey Pilsner to the secondary. I then poured 2 cups of the sludge from the bottom of the fermentor to an awaiting vessel. I covered it and set it aside. This is also my first attempt at re-pitching yeast from a previous brew.

A friend came over who is not a home brewer so it was fun to share a bit while utilizing his extra hands. The brew went great and I can hardly wait to taste the fruits of my labor.
I have been pretty busy for the past few weeks:
1. Brewed Double Chocolate Porter
2. Brewed Honey Pilsner – no kit – first time with liquid yeast pitch
3. Fermenting first batch of mead.
4. Bottled Chocolate Porter
5. Moved Honey Pilsner to secondary
6. Brewed IPA – no Kit, re-pitched yeast from Pilsner
7. Re-pitched yeast is very active in IPA – I just fashioned my first blow off tube and it is gurgling like mad. (Sunday Night 12/20/09)

Looking forward to the brew club meeting on Monday night!


  1. I like your Burton Union Blow Off.

  2. I was promised video of an active fermenation, or at least some audio.....


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