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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec. '09 Club Meeting

WOW!  What a meeting!  Of the 12 attendees this month, 33% were new or mostly new to the club.  We got to meet a couple redneck brewers from Galtucky...I mean Galveston who have put the rest of us to shame with the amount of brewing they have been doing.
Cary has done 44 batches this year, and has just moved to all-grain.  He brought 7 beers to offer, all with interesting and very descriptive names.  Not necessarilly describing the beer, but often how he felt when he brewed them.  Bad Thursday, Achen'back Ale, Wild Child, Outlaw Ale ( made with bread yeast!), Big Bang II, Cary3 Cream Ale and (my personal favorite name) Gargleblaster.
Other beers for the evening were;
Tom F. - Brown Ale & Oatmeal Stout
Eric T. - Double Chocolate Porter
Trent (from Swazee, but hasn't connected with the Radimakers)- Hopscotch Ale
Jon S. - Pilsner
Larry B. - Possibly Putrid Pumpkin & RIP Stout
Mike/Jason - Honey Doppelbock, Green Tea II & Holiday Spiced Ale (now 4 years old).
With all the beers to keep moving. it took a while to get to any real club discussions.
Tom F. will still get a prize for the IPA competition coming in March.
We discussed making a portable bar to serve our beer at events like the ones in Broadripple & Great Fermentations.  It would also look good at the Indiana Brewer's Cup dinner.  Brent drew up a quick design and it was decided that it would be best to have our name & logo mounted high over & probably behind the bar so that it would be more visible when people are standing in front of it.  Details still have to be hashed out.
Larry had some stats about this blog.  In the last month there had been 207 visits from 64 different individuals, including 2 from Great Britain.
Eric brought up that the club is represented in a new arts council that is in the process of being formed in Kokomo.
Cary ended up the night with an invitation to Jeff's barn just west of Young America to make a Goat Scrotum Ale.  You can read more about it at;
Larry then brought up the Kokomo Tribune's Best of Kokomo contest that you can vote for your favorite places, people & such.  The Half Moon has been nominated for several catagories and everyone should help out with getting them the Best of Kokomo awards for the year.  You can get to the page by clicking here;
There is still time to make nominations on-line & one category is for Best Teacher, we could have an intramural club competition amongst all the teachers in this club.
January's meeting will be the 18th at 6:00PM at the Half Moon.  Hopefully, we'll get to go over the "Possibly Usefull List of Common Homebrew Terms" Mike had made for this meeting.

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  1. A little off topic - but since you mentioned the new brewers at the most recent meeting, any chance we could use google maps to allow members to insert a pin for their location so we can see where everyone is from?


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