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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Many Members to Fill a Whiskey Barrel?

A unique opportunity has presented itself. Anita at Great Fermentations has worked out a deal where our club can get a free Woodruff Reserve whiskey barrel (used only once) for us to age a beer in. This beer can then be entered into a special category at the state fair this coming summer.

The main question we need to ask ourselves (comment here or on the online forum) is can we fill this barrel. How many members are willing to commit to either a big brew or a fermented beer exchange? We can decide on the details later, but we need to decide if we want the barrel by January 1st.


  1. Jon C and I am are in for 10 gallons, 5 of which can be served at the state fair.

  2. The Curless Street Brewery is in. Five, ten, whatever is needed.

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  5. I was confusing myself. I am in for 5 gallons!


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