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Friday, December 4, 2009

What's Brewing

Two weeks ago I decided to brew a chocolate porter with a lot of chocolate. I decided to look a recipe up online this time so that I didn't have a repeat of the "Uber Clover Fiasco". I used a chocolate porter and added brown sugar and a pound of chocolate, ground into fine pieces so that it would melt quickly and not burn on the bottom.

It took a few days for the yeast to kick in but it was bubbling fiercely and I am looking to bottle it all in time for Christmas.

I am planning on brewing one of my first non-kits tomorrow. I am again "loosely" utilizing a recipe from the internet and after some great advice from my brew club peers have purchased some specialty grains to add into my Honey Pilsner. I received my shipment from Northern Brewer yesterday. I figured while I was shopping and utilizing Honey I will attempt to make a gallon of mead as well. Looking forward to a day of brewing.
Happy Brewing to All!!
Eric T.

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