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Monday, January 4, 2010

Chicago Beer-cation

Thought I'd do a short post about some of the beer I sampled over the holiday break between Christmas and New Year's. Spent my week in Chicago visiting family and hit a few different places to quench my thirst.

I'm fortunate my parents live in the suburbs on the south side of Chicago, free room and board means more money towards beer. :)

The Saturday after Christmas my dad and I went to Villa Park's Lunar Brewing, in the suburbs west of the city. I had been there before but my dad had never been and I wanted to show him one of the more interesting brewpubs in the area.

The snow falls, making for a great excuse to
head inside for a couple beers.
Photo by Erik Markov

When you walk in to Lunar Brewing, it looks like the typical neighborhood watering hole. Large oak back bar, a bunch of tables along the opposite wall, decorated in a haphazard style. Except they serve really amazing beer! Along with their offerings they have a lot of really great guest bottle offerings.

The inside of Lunar Brewing.
Photo by Erik Markov

I started out with their Pilsner, which wasn't complex but it had a nice crisp taste to it.

Taps at Lunar Brewing
Photo by Erik Markov

My dad went with their Moonbeam Steam, a hoppy lager.

Moonbeam Steam
Photo by Erik Markov

The one I really wanted to try was their 11% abv Barrel Aged Imperial Pale Ale. $9 for a 9 oz snifter, but very enjoyable. It had been aged for nine months in a 12-year-old Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel. Very smooth, buttery taste because of the barrel mingled with the hops. Pretty dangerous.

Barrel Aged Imperial Ipa
Photo by Erik Markov

I looked behind the bar and over the cash register were the prices for the growlers. The growler price varied depending on what the cost of the beer was per glass. The $4.50 pints ran about $15 or so for a growler. The bourbon IPA was $64 for a growler! I can't imagine buying a whole growler, but if you were having a party and wanted a special - really special - treat for friends, that would be one party I'd like to attend.

Have to say, with the snow blowing outside, it was quite a nice way to spend a bit of time enjoying some good beer.

Flossmoor Station Brewpub
Photo by Erik Markov

The following Monday I went over to Flossmoor Station Brewpub for a beer. Flossmoor is a south suburb about 3 miles west of where my parents live. Had their Devout Oatmeal Stout. Nice, thick and dark. Devotian would be quite easy to this beer.

Devout Stout
Photo by Erik Markov

Tuesday my dad and I went over to Three Floyds Brewpub in Munster, which is about 3 miles east of where they live. Being between two breweries both three miles away in opposite directions means the only difficult thing is deciding where to go.

Three Floyd's Brewpub
Photo by Erik Markov

Probably the only kind of "draft board" I am interested.
Photo by Erik Markov

The first one I had at Three Floyd's was their Stay in School Ale, a 10% abv strong golden ale served in a snifter for $9. Had vanilla, coconut and honey flavors all mingling together. The beer had been aged in Woodford Reserve Barrels. Added a nice complexity to the beer without being too heavy.

Stay in School strong ale
Photo by Erik Markov

The second one I had was their Artic Panzer Wolf, 9% abv / 100 ibu Double IPA. The description on the menu for this beer was, "Scorched earth is brewery policy." That was an apt description, it was a definite hop bomb. Very tasty, but I wasn't wowed. I like Three Floyds' beers and their approach to beer making, and I am an avowed hop fiend. I just didn't think it was all that complex in comparison to some of their other beers.

Arctic Panzer Wolf
Photo by Erik Markov

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  1. Nice article accompanied by some nice photos as well. Thanks for posting. A trip to the Northwest of Indiana might be in my future now!


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