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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mash_Sparge Method Survey Results

Here are some results from our club survey of all grain brewers on mash and sparge methods and results. There were 6 responses to the survey.

1.) Most people are getting about 65 – 70 % efficiency. We had one report of as low as 50% and one as high as 80%. Consistency may be more important than the actual number here.
2.) We had 4 people using single infusion mash, one using step infusion, and one using various methods.
3.) We had 2 responses using fly sparge, 3 using batch, and one with no method listed.
4.) Most people are doing a mash out, one not, one I couldn’t tell, and one no response.
5.) Grain beds about 10” deep seemed normal though some people did not answer this.
6.) Sparge water temperatures of about 170 seemed typical although some batch sparge folks infuse with hotter water for mashout though the temperatures seemed to range from 174 to 179 degrees for this infusion.
7.) Most people do not treat sparge water for PH or monitor ph during the sparge though one reported using 5.2 stabilizer in the sparge water and one response indicated sparge water sometimes treated to ph of 5.7 .
8.) Most people sparge until they have sufficient wort volume or use up all sparge water.
9.) The fly sparge people reported that the sparge takes about 30 min for 5 gal batches. The batch sparge people reported shorter sparge times generally around 30 min for 10 gal batches.


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