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Monday, February 1, 2010

Dry Hopping an IPA

It was time to transfer the IPA I'm doing for the March meeting to the secondary bucket for a little 'dry hopping".   I am using the homegrown cascade hops from the first year harvest of the bines.  I seperated some of the more defined cones and put them on the lid of the bucket to show their size.  This is after having been dehydrated, vacuum sealed and frozen.  Finding complete cones was not that easy, most had fallen apart in the bag.  Though there was some yellow lupulin in the bottom of the bag, and visible lupulin left in the cones & leaves, the aroma was not as "citrusy" as I was expecting.  It leaves me wondering if this will give me more of a grassy, leafy smell than what I am shooting for.  I'm guessing it could be a 1st year's growth effect, and more established plants will produce more aroma.

I used one of my favorite brewing tools for the hop bag.  A 1 gallon paint strainer bag (see my previous story on other uses for these bags).  I added some sanitized marbles as ballast, closed up the bag with one of those jagged edged plastic trash bag ties and put it in the bottom of the bucket with the racking cane placed in the middle of it to allow the beer to flow through it during transfer.  I'll check it in a week, maybe leave it another week if necessary, and we'll all find out how it turns out in March.

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