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You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline-it

helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear

weapons, but at the very least you need a beer. -- Frank Zappa

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toasts from around the World:

Afrikaans - Gesondheid!
Arabic - Fi sahitak!
English - Cheers!
Chinese - Kong chien!
Farsi - Ba'sal'a'ma'ti!
French - Santé!
German - Prosit!
Greek - Gia'sou!
Hawaiian - Hipahipa!
Hebrew - Le'chaim!
Hungarian - Egészségedre!
Icelandic - Santanka nu!
Irish - Sláinte!
Italian - Salute!
Japanese - Kanpai!
Pakistani - Sanda bashi!
Polish - Na zdrowie!
Russian - Vashe zdorovie!
Spanish - Salud!
Swahili - Afya!
Swedish - Skal!
Tanzania - Kwa afya yako 
Turkish - Serefe!
Thai - Chook-die!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Improvised Manifold

Last Saturday Jason and I wanted to try brewing a 10 gallon batch for the first time. The biggest catch was the false bottom for our new brew pot has yet to be delivered, and our old mash tun is not capable of supporting a 10 gallon batch, at least not at the gravity we were aiming to achieve. Jason had read on the internet some people were successfully using stainless steel braided line for a manifold/false bottom, so off to Lowes we went. $5 worth of 1/2" toilet feed line and two zip ties later we had our would be manifold.
Frankly, the thing actually worked great. We had estimated our O.G. to be about 1.072 based on 60% efficiency. Our measured O.G. was somewhere between 1.084 and 1.088, showing an actual effciency of 72-76%. The range was due to our hygrometer measuring after temperature correction 1.084, and our refractometer indicating 1.088.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

National Homebrew Competition

A total of 11 entries were dropped off at the Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis today.  They have been entered in the preliminary round of the NHC that is being held in Indy this year.
Three How. Co. Homebrewers supplied the 11 different beers entered into 10 seperate catagories. 
The beers entered are:

Category         Style                        Name
Tom F. 
  1d           Munich Helles             Super 8 Helles                            
  2a           Pilsner                        Quicksand Pilsner
  15c         Weizenbock               Wizzbang Weizen

Tom R.
  20           Fruit Beer                   Dunce Cap #9                            
  22b         Smoke Flavored         Hickory Smoked Wee
  12b         Robust Porter             King's Porter

Larry B.
   5c         Doppelbock                Dr. Pavlov's Salivator                  
   5a         Maibock/Helles           Where the Helles Maibock
   12b       Robust Porter              Harry Porter
   13c       Oatmeal Stout             Oliver's Oatmeal Stout
   13f        Russian Imperial Stout     R.I.P. Stout

Any beer lucky enough to win its catagory will get the chance to move on to the national finals.  Good luck to our brewers.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Beer Is Better Than Religion

1. No one will kill you for not drinking Beer.                                

2. Beer doesn't tell you how to have sex.

3. Beer has never caused a major war.

4. They don't force Beer on minors who can't think for themselves.

5. When you have a Beer, you don't knock on people's doors trying to give it away.

6. Nobody's ever been burned at the stake, hanged, or tortured over his brand of Beer.

7. You don't have to wait 2000+ years for a second Beer.

8. There are laws saying Beer labels can't lie to you.

9. You can prove you have a Beer.

10. If you've devoted your life to Beer, there are groups to help you.

This is a re-print from an old e-mail.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Home Brew Crawl

I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone would be interested in participating in a sort of home brew "crawl." We have 10 members at some meetings, some we might have 20 or so.

Obviously no member could invite that many people over to their house. But I was thinking that you could invite one member over.... me. I'm thinking of something along the lines of the post I did back in January when I checked out Cary Kirkmeyer and Jeff Klafka's setup in the barn.

If there are any club members who would be interested in having me over when they are brewing, I'd like to take some photos, shoot some video maybe. Maybe you're brewing your 100th beer, a recipe that you've perfected over time, maybe you have a new setup you would like to show off.

I think it could be an interesting way for members to see each other's brew setups, along with see some new ideas. I think anyone who is a member of the blog should be able to click on my photo and send me a message.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Meeting

A total of 17 people attended this month's meeting, including a couple of new faces that have been brewing with Trent.

Before we got to the meat of the meeting's agenda, the IPA competition, we had a recap of the Bourban Barrel Big Brew that took place at Tom F's house on the previous Saturday. 10 brewer's using 8 kettles brewed up somewhere around 60 gallons of an American stout that will be put in the Woodford Reserve bourban barrel for the Indiana Brewer's Cup this year.
Jon of the Half Monn had us all champing at the bit as he told us he would put his barrel aged beer on tap the following Thursday after being in aged the bourban barrel for 1 month. Hopeefully it will give us some idea about how long it should be left in the barrel to extract the proper amont of flavor.

Jon also said he's getting a lot closer to brewing Larry B's award winning Susie's Sweet Stout, as he is now commited to it by placing an announcement in an up-coming Midwest Brewer magazine and has the lactose in house.
While Tom & Brent were drawing up a strategy on how to get the beer from the fermenters to the barrel, some homebrews were passed around. Tom's 2 year old saison, Jeff K's Red-Ho, a Czech Pils and a black lager from Andrew who made a triumphant return this month.
The IPA competition finally got under way after it was decided how to split up the 10 entries and the attendees. We were divided into 4 groups. Tom poured the entries into pitchers, gave them a number and gave them to each of the groups. Each group tasted 5 different IPA's and ranked them individually. They then chose the 2 most popular of the 5 to send to the semi-finals. Of the 8 chosen by the 4 groups, the 5 highest ranked were sent to the finals that everyone tried and evaluated again.

Those that made it to the finals were;
5th - Larry B's bottled conditioned English IPA
4th - Mike & Jason's 90IBU American IPA
3rd - Jeff G's IPA #2 dry hopped with pellets
2nd - Trent's centenial/amarillo hopped IPA
Tom F's American IPA which was chosen the favorite. As winner, his IPA's entry in the NHC will be paid for by the club.

Beer contains female hormones

The following is a reprint from an e-mail I received:

Beer contains female hormones! Yes, that's right, FEMALE hormones!Last month, Montreal University and scientists released the results of a recent analysis that revealed the presence of female hormones in beer. Men should take a concerned look at their beer consumption. The theory is that beer contains female hormones (hops contain Phytoestrogens) and that by drinking enough beer, men turn into women.To test the theory, 100 men each drank 8 schooners of beer within a one (1) hour period. It was then observed that 100% of the test subjects, yes, 100% of all these men:-

1) Argued over nothing.
2) Refused to apologize when obviously wrong.
3) Gained weight.
4) Talked excessively without making sense.
5) Became overly emotional.
6) Couldn't drive.
7) Failed to think rationally, and
8) Had to sit down while urinating.
No further testing was considered necessary!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Look at the Size of those Barrels!!

'"Alcohol is a misunderstand vitamin." P.G. Wodehouse, English author

Came across an interesting article the other day about Two Brothers Brewing in Warrenville, IL.

Two Brothers makes several tasty beers, I particularly like their Cane & Ebel, which I picked up cheap at Soupley's 2 weeks ago.

Two Brothers added to their capacity French "foudres." Seven "foudres" to be exact.

"Foudres" are oak fermentation tanks used widely in the Rhône Valley for winemaking, but Two Brothers is going to use them to age special series beers.

See the article for a bit more info and a picture of the tanks.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Big Barrel Brew

On Saturday 4/13 several members of the HCH decended on a two car garage in Greentown to brew enough American Stout to fill a Bourbon Barrel.

It all started with about 150 pounds of grain
(Thanks to Jon at the Half Moon for the help
with the pale malt)

The weather was rainy,

so all the brewing took place

in a crowded and chaotic garage.

There were a few hicups along the way. A stuck sparge, a boilover or two, but in the end all the wort made it into the fermentors safely.

By the next morning all the fermentors were bubbling away. Thanks again to Jon and the Half Moon for the big pitch of very healthy yeast.
The next step will be to move the fermented beer into the bourbon barrel. More to come!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Barrel stand

Mike and I completed building the barrel stand.

Warm Beer, Cold Women

Beer Is Good