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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Big Barrel Brew

On Saturday 4/13 several members of the HCH decended on a two car garage in Greentown to brew enough American Stout to fill a Bourbon Barrel.

It all started with about 150 pounds of grain
(Thanks to Jon at the Half Moon for the help
with the pale malt)

The weather was rainy,

so all the brewing took place

in a crowded and chaotic garage.

There were a few hicups along the way. A stuck sparge, a boilover or two, but in the end all the wort made it into the fermentors safely.

By the next morning all the fermentors were bubbling away. Thanks again to Jon and the Half Moon for the big pitch of very healthy yeast.
The next step will be to move the fermented beer into the bourbon barrel. More to come!

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