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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Improvised Manifold

Last Saturday Jason and I wanted to try brewing a 10 gallon batch for the first time. The biggest catch was the false bottom for our new brew pot has yet to be delivered, and our old mash tun is not capable of supporting a 10 gallon batch, at least not at the gravity we were aiming to achieve. Jason had read on the internet some people were successfully using stainless steel braided line for a manifold/false bottom, so off to Lowes we went. $5 worth of 1/2" toilet feed line and two zip ties later we had our would be manifold.
Frankly, the thing actually worked great. We had estimated our O.G. to be about 1.072 based on 60% efficiency. Our measured O.G. was somewhere between 1.084 and 1.088, showing an actual effciency of 72-76%. The range was due to our hygrometer measuring after temperature correction 1.084, and our refractometer indicating 1.088.

1 comment:

  1. sounds like your efficienty problems might be solved. I would try to keep a similar water to grain ratio and mash temp for the next couple batches and see if you can reproduce it.


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