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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Meeting

A total of 17 people attended this month's meeting, including a couple of new faces that have been brewing with Trent.

Before we got to the meat of the meeting's agenda, the IPA competition, we had a recap of the Bourban Barrel Big Brew that took place at Tom F's house on the previous Saturday. 10 brewer's using 8 kettles brewed up somewhere around 60 gallons of an American stout that will be put in the Woodford Reserve bourban barrel for the Indiana Brewer's Cup this year.
Jon of the Half Monn had us all champing at the bit as he told us he would put his barrel aged beer on tap the following Thursday after being in aged the bourban barrel for 1 month. Hopeefully it will give us some idea about how long it should be left in the barrel to extract the proper amont of flavor.

Jon also said he's getting a lot closer to brewing Larry B's award winning Susie's Sweet Stout, as he is now commited to it by placing an announcement in an up-coming Midwest Brewer magazine and has the lactose in house.
While Tom & Brent were drawing up a strategy on how to get the beer from the fermenters to the barrel, some homebrews were passed around. Tom's 2 year old saison, Jeff K's Red-Ho, a Czech Pils and a black lager from Andrew who made a triumphant return this month.
The IPA competition finally got under way after it was decided how to split up the 10 entries and the attendees. We were divided into 4 groups. Tom poured the entries into pitchers, gave them a number and gave them to each of the groups. Each group tasted 5 different IPA's and ranked them individually. They then chose the 2 most popular of the 5 to send to the semi-finals. Of the 8 chosen by the 4 groups, the 5 highest ranked were sent to the finals that everyone tried and evaluated again.

Those that made it to the finals were;
5th - Larry B's bottled conditioned English IPA
4th - Mike & Jason's 90IBU American IPA
3rd - Jeff G's IPA #2 dry hopped with pellets
2nd - Trent's centenial/amarillo hopped IPA
Tom F's American IPA which was chosen the favorite. As winner, his IPA's entry in the NHC will be paid for by the club.

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