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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

National Homebrew Competition

A total of 11 entries were dropped off at the Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis today.  They have been entered in the preliminary round of the NHC that is being held in Indy this year.
Three How. Co. Homebrewers supplied the 11 different beers entered into 10 seperate catagories. 
The beers entered are:

Category         Style                        Name
Tom F. 
  1d           Munich Helles             Super 8 Helles                            
  2a           Pilsner                        Quicksand Pilsner
  15c         Weizenbock               Wizzbang Weizen

Tom R.
  20           Fruit Beer                   Dunce Cap #9                            
  22b         Smoke Flavored         Hickory Smoked Wee
  12b         Robust Porter             King's Porter

Larry B.
   5c         Doppelbock                Dr. Pavlov's Salivator                  
   5a         Maibock/Helles           Where the Helles Maibock
   12b       Robust Porter              Harry Porter
   13c       Oatmeal Stout             Oliver's Oatmeal Stout
   13f        Russian Imperial Stout     R.I.P. Stout

Any beer lucky enough to win its catagory will get the chance to move on to the national finals.  Good luck to our brewers.

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  1. Thank Larry, I appreciate you taking those down for us.


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