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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Meeting

The April club meeting brought out 17 people and an equal number of beers.  The one we were all there to taste was the sample pulled from the bourban barrel to assess.  A pronounced bourbon aroma greeted you as you raised the glass, but the vanilla from the oak and a chocolate flavor are what you tasted.  It is very good!
There was some discussion as to whether to leave it in the barrel longer or if this was the right time to keg.  The majority felt it was just right and it was decided to keg it soon.  Those of us receiving a keg (or 2) of it will try to leave it alone until it is time to enter it in the Indiana Brewers Cup contest.  A sampling of everyone's keg to determine the effects on storage and carbonation at a later meeting will determine which keg to enter.

Another use for a keg of the brew was brought up in that the Howard County Homebrew Club has been invited to participate in the annual "Ales For Tails" fundraiser that will be held at the Quarry Restaurant on June 23rd.  It is an evening of sampling beer & wine paired up with food in order to raise money for the Kokomo Animal Shelter.  We were approached to possibly set up a display there for homebrewing and it was also suggested that the club offer something for the silent auction as well.  It could be something as simple as a lesson in homebrewing.

This year's BIG BREW at the Half Moon will be on May 1st, starting at noon.  Once again Jon, the head brewer of the Half Moon will mash up a batch of wort for us to brew up for the day.  This year's experiment will be yeasts.  A Belgian Blond beer will form the base.  Tom F. will order the hops for the brew and we will all follow the same hop schedule, theoretically all producing the same beer.  Then those participating will each use a different Belgian yeast, so that we can taste the differences that the yeast contribute to the final beer.  Jeff G. will brew up a batch of starter for all to get the yeast up and running.  So with Jon providing the wort, Tom ordering the hops & yeasts and Jeff providing the starter, everything should be fairly uniform to accentuate the yeast profiles.

Brent gave us an update on the construction of the portable serving bar he is making for the club.  Something that will be used at the Indiana Brewers Cup and the Ales For Tales as well as other homebrew functions.  Hardware still needs to be purchased, and some decissions like how many taps will be needed still has to be decided.  Cary K.  will make some tap handles.  He also had some well made mash paddles that he was selling for the bargain price of $5.

Jon & Larry set the time for Thursday the 22nd to be the brew day for Susie's Sweet Stout for the Half Moon.  They will be using the recipe that won the Best of Show at the 2009 Indiana Brewers Cup.  It was unanimous that Jon should let Larry do ALL the work.

A group hop order & malt order was discussed.  The hop order is a go with several members jumping in on it, and the grain order looks to be in the future.

The dispensing of the beers for the evening went quite well with everything from a Mr. Beer kit to a blend of several "left overs" that all got mixed together to for a "perpetual" beer.  Maibocks, Porters, Heffes, Brown ales, Munich Dunkels & even an IPA made with lager yeast.

The best story of the evenng was Cary's apricot mead that required a 3' bottle opener & a blast shield to open.

Tom F. Offered up bags of hop rhizomes from his hop garden, and Andrew offered some "aged" grains that he was anxious to move out of his basement.

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