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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big Brew Yeast Starters

I made the starters today for the Big Brew next Saturday at Half Moon. The plan was to make 5 one gal starters and 5 half gal starters each with a different strain of Belgian Yeast. What I did was randomly pick yeast strains of the 10 varieties purchased to divide them among the 1 gal and 1/2 gal starters. Since I only had 4 one gal containers available one of the 1 gal starters (Wyeast 3787 Trappist High Gravity) was made using two 1/2 gal growlers and splitting the yeast between them. All of the yeast varieties purchased were from Wyeast.

1 Gal
3787 Trappist High Gravity
3538 Leuven Pale Ale
3655 Schelde
3522 Ardennes
3942 Wheat

1/2 Gal
1388 Strong Ale
3463 Forbidden Fruit
3724 Belgian Saison
3711 French Saison
1214 Belgian Abbey Ale

My plan is to let them ferment out and then deliver them to Half moon on Wednesday or Thursday to be stored in their walk in cooler.

Jeff G

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