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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Meeting

It was a rather small group by recent standards.  12 of us eventually arrived bringing 9 beers to taste.  They included an Alt, an Amber, Thistle Dew Ale, a Pale Ale/IPA that Tom F. is having trouble deciding which catagory it should be entered in.  2 Hefeweizens (1 regular, 1 hefty), Bourbon Barrel Stout and a Brown Ale that'll knock you're socks off at 9%.

Brent has finished the club bar and Tom has brought in the taps and tubing for the tower that Larry is preparing for his wife, Susie to paint.  Larry also brought in one of the tap handles Cary has made with the logo Larry had Stoops Laser Engraving make on it.

It is hoped it will be completed by race weekend this month to get its trial run at Brent's race party.  Its first public appearance will be June 12th at the Brew-B-Q in Indy.  Other uses planned for this year will be the the Ales For Tails fund raiser on une 24th, the Indiana Brewer's Cup Awards dinner where Larry's Susie's Sweet Stout and the club's Bourbon Barrel project will be served, and the club's Halloween party in October.  For those who are supplying kegs at these events, you will need to supply the correct fittings for the kegs i.e. pin or ball lock.

What to do with the bourbon barrel was discussed.  Since it has sat empty for several weeks now, and not knowing about the care & feeding of a used barrel, it was decided that the best use for the barrel is to cut the ends off and brand the club logo on them.  One end to be hung on the front of the bar, the other could be hung in the meeting room at the Half Moon.

Speaking of the Half Moon, Larry's Susie's Sweet Stout will be tapped on the 20th of May and paired up with something delicious by head chef John Camancho.  Something that will include a piece of their chocolate porter cake.

State Fair entries was discussed.  Online registration begins June 12th & runs to the 26th.  Everyone in the club is recommended to enter at least one beer.  The tickets to the awards dinner is more than worth the entry fee.  All entries this year are to be dropped off in Indy, and it is believed that they can be dropped off during the Brew-B-Q.

As a part of that event, anyone who has their bourbon barrel beer carbonated should bottle 4 12oz. bottles to be taken to the event.  One bottle of each set will be opened for the attending club members to decide if one batch is superior to the others.  The chosen batch will then be the one entered in the State Fair bourbon barrel competition to represent the HCHB.

For those who are not ready to submit their entries, the June meeting is just a couple of days before the deadline, and we'll see if we can get someone to make a late date run to Indy to drop them off at Sun King Brewery.

Eric T. tells us the the fledgling Kokomo Arts League and the downtown Farmer's Market are interested in us doing a brew during their Saturday morning market.  Some things will need to be ironed out before that could take place though.  Access to water & electricity for the breweing and the 8:00AM to noon time frame would need to be extended to get a full brew in.  An extract brew could be a possibility.

The evening ended with a discussion on yeast starters.  Tom had printed out a nice primer on the does and don'ts of making starters.  A discussion on canning starters ensued.

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  1. The tap handles look awesome! I wish I could have made the meeting, but a certain amount of intestinal problems from our recent trip to Cancun has got the wife and I keeping close to the bathroom.I did my best to stick to the beer menu (I think I made a huge difference in the Mexican GNP in beer purchases....), but alas, the dreaded bug got me anyway.By the way, I did try my first Shiner Bock in Dallas, and that is a mighty fine brew.I found Dos XX to be better on tap in it's mother country, as was Modelo Especial.See ya'll next month!


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