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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ales For Tails 2010

This year's Ales For Tails fundraiser tried something new this year.  They invited the Howard County Homebrew Club to show off some of their beers in addition to the amazing selection of beer supplied by World Class Beverages
It was the first time the event had draught beer as the new club bar got its second use in as many weeks.  The bar, and especially the gas tower got many compliments. 

The foaming problem experienced at the Brew-B-Q in Indy was not an issue.  Larry wrapped the beer lines and stuffed the inside of the tower with bubble wrap.  The 3 kegs were set in coolers and filled with ice and that kept the taps quite cold.  The pressure on the CO2 tank was set at about 3psi to keep from blasting the beer into the tiny 2oz glasses everyone received upon entering the Quarry.
The 3 beers on tap were the 2 club projects of this year (the bourbon barrel and the Belgian Blond big brew ala Mike & Jason) and last year's Indiana Brewers Cup Best of Show, Susie's Sweet Stout. 

Word quickly spread as there was an amazing number of people coming up and asking for the Sweet Stout and Bourbon Stout by name.

The two bartenders were kept busy filling glasses as the afternoon went on.  There was more than several times when I could hear people talking in the crowd and saying we had the best beer at the event.

After weighing the kegs after it was over, it appears we served up about 6 gallons of beer, 2ozs at a time. 

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