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Friday, July 23, 2010

Beer around the Web

Just a little wrap up of some interesting things I've found recently about beer on the net.

BrewDog Brewery in Fraserburgh, Scotland is coming out with a 55% ABV beer called End of Time. There will be 11 bottles at $770 to $1000 each. The bottle is going to be inside a squirrel. Not a toy squirrel mind you, an actual been-to-the-taxidermist road kill squirrel.

I know that Apple Computers is kind of tyrannical about some things, but I think they have taken it too far. I found this picture of what is supposedly a motherboard to an Apple computer. If you look towards the center, there is a little sticker that says NO IPA. Why should they be able to tell me what kind of beer to drink or not when I tear apart one of their products?

Last, but not least, I would really like to know how the fine people at St. James Gate were able to climb inside my dreams. How did they know this has been what I've been looking for?

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