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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Send me to BEER CAMP!!!

So here's the deal. I want to go to camp.... beer camp that is.

it just so happens that Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has a 2 day beer camp for beer lovers at the brewery in Chico, CA. They are holding a contest to pick winners to attend beer camp.

The only thing contestants have to do is enter a creative project explaining why they should be invited to camp. Video, picture, essay-whatever.

For my first beer I brewed recently, I did a time lapse movie. Now at the time I didn't know about the contest, I just did the time lapse because, well... they're fun!

Erik's First Brew from Howard County Home Brew Club on Vimeo.

And now it just so happens that I have a great reason to show off the time lapse. Cause not all camps are created equal. Band camp isn't equal to beer camp. I guess that goes without saying.

Over at Sierra Beer Camp there are all the entries that people have submitted. Find my entry and click the "like" thumbs up. Mine is the one called "Erik's Brew Day"

I don't know how much the votes matter to being selected but it sure can't hurt. And I think I have a pretty cool video also. There is some competition. There are a couple other cool videos, but I hope I can hold my own.

Voting closes July 9th so it's just a couple days left.

The video here is a little longer. I had to keep my entry under two minutes, but I had other stuff I wanted to include. It's tough to get under two minutes.

Please go over to Sierra Nevada and vote tho! Hopefully it's interesting enough you want to help out a fellow member.

I don't even need money! When's the last time you heard that? I mean besides that Nigerian spam email that arrived this morning.

I sure would appreciate it. :)


P.S. Go vote NOW! ;)


  1. a few things
    1 - this is awesome
    2 - smart drinking coffee not beer on brew day
    3 - you may be addicted to your phone!


  2. 1 - thanks, it was a little bit of work but fun to do

    2 - the brew day started @ 9am, not that anyone knows that, but if I was drinking a beer at that time it would be kinda disturbing

    3 - I'm a photographer, why does everyone think I have the $ for an iphone? lol

    its actually an ipod, comes in handy for looking up relevant info during brewing :)


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