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Saturday, September 25, 2010

How they got Buzzed without Booze

 This is the guy chosen to tell the public not to drink?!?
He looks snockered!! WTF?

Are you interested in beer?
(Of course you are.... you're here at this blog.)

Do you have an interest in science?
(Or at least as much as it pertains to making good beer?)

Do you have an interest in history?
(Particularly if it shows the horror if there was, I shudder to say it.... NO BEER?)

Popular Science has an interesting gallery on their site of articles they ran during Prohibition. The magazine went into their archives and found some interesting articles they did during the 14 years Prohibition was in effect.

Diagrams of liquor stills, for educational purposes only, of course. Explanations of how home brewers can determine if their beer is near-beer, of the legal type.

Getting buzzed without booze, trust me the method is shocking. I'll take a hangover any day.

Should the day come when we can no longer brew beer, we can console ourselves by transitioning into making malt syrup for use in soda pop, as some brewers did during Prohibition.

We can sit around discussing the various types of roots that go into root beer, the best forms of carbonation, does red kool aid really make a good cherry soda?

Popular Science's gallery.

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