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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov '10 Meeting

The monthly meeting brought out a lot of brewers this month, and a lot of beers.  A total of 15 attendees showed up including some faces we haven't seen for a while.
Tom started the evening out by forgetting if the meeting began at 6:00 or 6:30.  Since it was somewhere in between, it was decided to start anyway.
It apparently has been a good brewing season by the number of beers that were brought out.  We saw several IPAs, both black & classic.  We got to sample several beers that used a great deal of chocolate malt by Matt and some very interesting "historic" beers from Cary.  His Ben Franklin's Porter was good and the Groening ale was extremely dangerous as he had to send it around with the warning that it was a 13%er!  Biere de Garde, Kolsch, Oatmeal Stout, Oktoberfest, Raspberry Wheat, Cream ale, there were a lot of beers!
We eventually got around to the holiday beers that was the project for the month, but only had 2 entries from Ron, a spiced porter & Larry, a pumpkin ale.

The next step in additions to the club bar was discussed and it looks as though a manifold & ball & pin locks are next up.  Matt has a sign project that will hang over the bar and possible ways to hang it were tossed around.  The use of copper tubing for a frame work was the most popular.  Cary said he is working on some insulated keg jackets for it as well.
The December meeting details were discussed.  Since it is a barleywine project, the meeting will be held at Larry's house on Haynes Ave. Directions will be put on the message board.  Beers on deck for it are;

  1. '09 Sierra Nevada Big Foot
  2. '08 John Barlycorn
  3. '09 John Barlycorn
  4. '08 Alan Pugsley Signature Series
  5. '09 Brooklyn Monster
If you find others you are welcome to bring them, and if there is any coherency left, Larry has several high gravity beers put back for a special occasion.
Also at that meeting, the group buy for bulk grain & hop buy will be put together.  More info & links can be found on the message board under Ingredients/2010 Group Grain Buy.  This is the best buy on grain you will get all year and just in time for the winter brewing season.
The aftermath of this month's meeting included many "dead soldiers" scattered about the table.

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