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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec. Club Meeting

The club meeting this month took a road trip and was held in the Barnhart's home.  The focus of the meeting was to sample as many barleywines as could be found availlable in the  area.  Due to the Indiana liquor laws, "purchased" beers can not be taken into a restaurant/brewpub that produces its own beer.
12 of us gathered to partake in the event, including Susie Barnhart, who usually considers this group to be too geeky to spend much time with.  10 barleywines were also in attendance as well as 3 other high gravity brews for us to partake in.
If we add up all the ABVs, it comes out to 144.8%, or an average of 11.1% per beer.  It was a good thing that we had the numbers to tackle this collection.  The actual ABV range was 8.5% at the low end to 18% at the top.
The list of beers went as follows;
Mikkeler Devine Rebel at 12%
Tin Man's Groaning Ale 13.2% (Cary's homebrew "birthing ale")
Thomas Hardy 2008 11.7%
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 2009 9.1%
John Barleycorn 2009 11.2%
John Barleycorn 2008 9.1%
Brooklyn Monster Ale 10.1%
Avery Hog Heaven 9.2%
Boulder Killer Penguin 2009 10%
Shipyard Pugsley's Signature Series 2008 8.5%
Arcadia Cereal Killer 2008 9%

Then Larry pulled out a blast from the past, a cobalt blue bottle of Sam Adams Triple Bock from 1998 and weighing in at 18%.  Erik cringed at the sight, not having good memories of trying this before.  Larry popped the cork and cringed a bit himself as he took a wiff of it and passed it around.  Jeff let out a big WHOOO as he poured a bit of the black liquid in his glass and also takes a wiff.  As the bottle makes it around to Erik, he steels himself and pours a taste in his glass and proclaims the 12 year rest has done it good.
Cary then opened his Tin Man's Pommegranite Mead at 13.5% and Susie knew she had put up with us for a good reason as she proclaimed it the best thing she has ever drank.  But then again, she puts olives in her beer.  It was a great mead though.  Nice & sweet, not too dry, very drinkable.
As for the business end of the meeting,as we were still able to manage, it was discussed that the next club project should be everyone brew a clone of the same beer.  Tom suggested Sierra Nevada Celebration ale.  We would then compare them to an actual S.N. Celebration Ale to see how close we can come.
The grain/hop order was also put off until the Jan meeting so that members not in attendance could get their order in.




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