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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good News For Beer Drinkers

New study says moderate beer drinkers are less prone to have high blood pressure and excess weight.
It has been found that people who drink ale and lager in moderate levels are less prone to have high blood pressure and diabetes. Also, those who drink beer in controlled manner are less likely to get fat, Topnews reported on January, 18.
Dr. Ramon Estruch, a Spanish researcher led the study, which revealed that beer has folic acid, vitamins, calcium and iron, which are beneficial for cardiovascular system.
The researchers are of the view that beer doesn't always make one plump as there are low fat and kilojoule levels in the drink. One becomes pot-bellied due to binge drinking, taking high-fat content food and less physical activity.
The study suggests that along with taking healthy diet and following regular exercise regime, men should take three small glasses of beer a day and for women, this amount should be two glasses per day.

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