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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taste of Kokomo 2011

Our first invite to the annual Taste of Kokomo went very well.  Riding along on the coattails of the Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery, we set up the bar right next to their table in the demonstration tent.  We had 3 beers on tap.  Mike & Jason's "soured" ESB from the big brew, Cary's ESB & Rosie's APA.  We gave out 4oz glasses for 1 ticket and 100% the proceeds were donated to the United Way.
There was a bit of excitement early in the afternoon as a small storm blew through downtown Kokomo.  The winds were pretty intense, but the rain wasn't too bad and didn't last very long.  Soon everything calmed down and things got back to normal.
The highlight of our evening was the demonstration on home brewing done by Cary & Rosie with an assist from Brian, John's assistant at the Half Moon.  Cary was the narrator while Rosie did the brewing of an extract beer.  Cary had many visual aids in the form of grains, hops (both pellets and a section of bine) and equipment.  About a dozen interested on-lookers stayed in their seats to learn about the process of brewing along with a bit of history of beer and brewing from Cary.
Several local home brewers who have never been to a meeting came up to talk to us at the bar.
Before the end of the evening, we had already been invited back to the Taste of Kokomo 2012.  Maybe next year we could do a full all-grain brew, with a schedule board listing the "show times" of each step.


  1. Nice post and good pictures, Larry. How much beer did the club pour?

  2. Cary did the set up & tear down for this event. I don't think we went through as much as at Ales for Tails

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