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Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Ales For Tails

The club's 3rd year at the Kokomo Humane Society's Ales For Tails fundraiser was another huge success.  The regular attendees are begining to look for us amid all the tables of beer and food.

 This year marked the debut of the new 3 tower configuration of the club bar.  Cary had made two more 2 tap towers to flank our 3 tap gas tower.  This now lets us serve 6 beers with one tap reserved for water (or American lite lager as some referred to it) for rinsing glasses.

This year featured 4 beers from our Half Moon Big Brew collaboration.  A nice selection of single hopped pale ales gave everyone quite a range of flavors.  We would start off with Legacy hops for a very nice neutral, very drinkable pale ale.  The next tap was Sorachi Ace which lead to a little more citrusy flavor, a little lemony.  That was followed by Ahtanum which leans a bit more to the grapefruit end of the citrus spectrum.  The surpriser of the 4 was saved for last.  Celeia hops are very spicy.  Like a holiday ale kind of spicy.  Hints of cinnamon , clove & nutmeg.  Maybe not all that well suited for a single hopped pale ale, but it might make an excellent addition to a wit or winter ale.

Taps 5 & 6 were at the hardy end of the bar with the Larry's Bourbon Barrel Stout and Jeff's soured Barleywine.  Both were well received as the taps were flowing almost constantly.

It's fun to hear, as the event wears on, people come up and ask to try specific beers that they have heard others talk about elsewhere in the event.  It lets you know that we are making very good beer that is making an impression.

Thanks to Jeff, Tom, Cary & Larry for working the event and donating beer as well as Mike & Jason for their Sorachi Ace keg.

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