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Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 Ales for Tails

It was another raging success for us at this year's Ales for Tails.  A record number of tickets sold, 400 to be exact, put us in the spotlight at this year's event.
Cary & Larry did the pouring for the 3 hour event, while Dave, Kim & Susie helped with the set up, tear down and crowd eavesdropping.  Dave helped answer questions at the bar and Kim & Susie listened in on talk in the crowd away from the bar and heard many comments on how we had the best beer there.  It is always fun to here people come up and ask for a specific beer because they have heard about it from someone else.

We went with only 4 beers on tap this year.  3 from this year's Big Brew with Jon at the Half Moon.  Cary had a daring wheat beer, highly hopped with Bravo hops.  Dave had a milder wheat hopped with Mosaic hops.  Larry had his Orange Wit made with Dave's zombie yeast that not only wouldn't quit, but actually came back from the dead to re-animate fermentation after a week in the refrigerator.  The final beer was Larry's recreation of the club's Bourbon Barrel Stout that is becoming a veritable legend at this event.  Fortunately, we were located right next to a table that had some amazing chocolate deserts that paired wonderfully with the stout.
In spite of some pre-event jitters & hiccups from our hosts at Pastariffic, everything sailed along very smoothly.  
With the exception of a CO2 leak in the system that made us shut down for about 30 minutes very early into the night.  As Larry ran for the refill on the tank, Cary found some loose connections on the manifold and we soon had everything up and running again much to the delight of the crowd.
After weighing the kegs at end of the evening was, I figure we went through about 6.7 gallons of beer.

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