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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2018 December Meeting

The theme this year is Beers of the World - from 2nd tier countries.
We were looking for beers from none of the countries known for their brewing prowess.
Like Belgium, Germany, UK, USA, Canada or Mexico.

We really came through with beers from 4 continents and 12 countries.

European beers;
Iceland:   Einstok Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale 5.6 ABV
Norway:  Haand Bryggeriet Norse Porter Porter 6.5 ABV
                Haand Bryggeriet Norwegian Wood Smoked Juniper 6.5 ABV
Finland:   Sinebrychoff Porter Baltic Porter 7.2 ABV
Russia:    Jaws Brewery Looking For A Human Flemish Red 5.6 ABV
                Jaws Brewery V.I. Russian Imperial Stout  10.5 ABV
Italy:       Troll Geisha Barleywine 12.0 ABV
Holland:  De Molen Pek & Veren Smoked Stout 8.0 ABV
Greece:    Mythos Lager 4.7 ABV

Asian Beers;
Japan:     Hitachino XH Brown Ale 8.0 ABV
               Hitachino White Ale Wit 5.5 ABV
China:    Haidilao Lager 5.0 ABV
New Zealand:  8 Wired Gypsy Funk Sour Pale Ale7.5 ABV
                        8 Wired Wild Feijoa Sour 6.7 ABV
                        8 Wired The Big Smoke Rauchbier 6.2 ABV

African Beer;
Kenya:   Tusker Lager 4.2 ABV

South America;
Brazil:   Sul Americana 5.0 ABV

We also had a few non-qualified beers show up.
But not to be discriminatory, we had these as a warm up and cool down from the meat of the meeting.
Not pictured were 3 meads from Paco and a 10 year old Holiday Spiced Ale from Mike & Jason.

All told, 15 people, 24 beers & 3 meads = good meeting.

What was your favorite?

Warm Beer, Cold Women

Beer Is Good